Talent for Growth

360 Degree Feedback provider in South West England

360 Degree Feedback provider in South West England

Talent for Growth is a leading 360 degree feedback provider in South West England. We are 360 feedback specialists offering a complete 360 package. This means sharing our expertise at your initial planning stage, supporting you throughout the process with our online system and providing 360 feedback coaching. Finally, we produce valuable management information from the aggregate data. This highlights organisational themes such as strengths and development areas.

Some of our 360 clients include Babcock International, Informa Group, St Johns Ambulance, The Co-op Bank, Schindler, Serco and World Fuel Services.

We know that 360 feedback can dramatically improve individual and organisation performance. So, contact us for an informal chat about how we can enable you to get the maximum benefit from this valuable development tool.

Preparing for 360 feedback

A successful 360 feedback project depends on thoughtful planning. Too often, preparing for 360 feedback is neglected and, without exception, the value of the process is lessened.

We are happy to share our expertise and many years of experience with clients to help them plan and prepare. This doesn’t have to be a long phase of the project but it’s very important. Download our 5 steps to a successful 360 implementation to get a sense of where we can help you.

5 Steps to implementing 360 feedback

Online 360 tool

Our 360 online tool offers a great user experience for both Participants and Respondents. It’s user friendly and straightforward with build-in quality checks. Our system allows Participants to keep track of the progress of their project, add and, if necessary, change respondents and nudge them where needed.

We offer a choice of “ready to use” questionnaires but most of our clients prefer us to write a bespoke questionnaire for them. This ensures that the 360 process measures those behaviours and abilities that matter most for the organisations success.

Read more about our online tool here

360 degree feedback coaching

It’s the support provided in understanding feedback that can make it a transformational experience. We support this crucial part of the 360 feedback process in several ways.

We have experienced 360 feedback coaches based near Bristol, Exeter and Plymouth who facilitate feedback debriefs and coaching. We also deliver 360 coaching remotely by telephone or Skype.

Our other service is to train your team to deliver powerful feedback coaching, thus building internal capability and saving costs.

Read more information about 360 feedback coaching 

Reporting emerging themes and recommendations for action

The value of 360 feedback doesn’t stop with the individual report. Where a number of groups or individuals undertake 360 degree feedback, there is valuable data to be drawn from both the aggregate data and the discussions.

Absolute confidentiality is assured for all those who participate. However, there are often themes emerging from discussions that are hugely valuable for the organisation to be aware of.

Aggregate data is also rich in  value. It’s very typical, in our experience, to find a degree of consistency in strengths and development areas across groups. Surfacing this can be extremely useful to ensure that stretched training budgets are optimised and that strengths are utilised effectively.

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