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A Flexible Package

We help you to maximise the value of 360 degree feedback to deliver rapid change and development. Our world class online system, powerful reports and coaching enable you to deliver an effective, sustainable experience for your leaders.

Supporting the project launch

We provide communication materials, participant briefings and guides for the key steps

Free Questionnaire design

Free questionnaires tailored for your organisation’s framework and requirements

Online system and reports

A choice of 2 reports to suit differing needs, Both are easy to interpret whilst robust and data rich. Free administration and an intuitive, user friendly online system

Feedback coaching

Powerful feedback coaching from experienced coaches makes the difference between an average and a memorable experience. We can also train your team to deliver feedback coaching

Management reporting

Insightful management reporting using aggregate data gives invaluable insights for the organisation

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More information

Please take a look at the documents here to get additional information about our reports, our approach and an invaluable guide to introducing 360 degree feedback for the first time.


Report 1

Has a great visual overview using a spider diagram and identifies anonymous, individual scores.

Comparative Report

This compares the scores received in a first and subsequent feedback report, displayed with traffic light colouring for impact.


Provides more information about our services and approach and some client testimonials.

Report 2

Enables respondents to provide narrative text for each competency and shows scores by category.

Our 5 Step Guide

Our comprehensive guide to implementing 360 feedback for the first time. Full of tips and food for thought. Free with our newsletter.

Case Study

Read about how we helped a client to implement feedback and the impact that it had.


We’ve answered some common questions about 360 degree feedback

We’re always happy to help with questions and to share our expertise and experience.

What is 360 feedback?

It allows you to gather feedback from all directions. Your manager, your colleagues, those who work for you and other stakeholders can all provide you with feedback.

How do you guarantee confidentiality?

When working with us, the data sits on a third party server and cannot be accessed. As external coaches we guarantee that all feedback discussions are confidential. Finally, respondents are clustered by category so are anonymous.

What's included in the report price?

The price for reports is fully inclusive of all administration, support documents and a telephone briefing for participants is part of the package.

How long does the process take?

We recommend allowing a total of 6 weeks from launching the process and briefing participants through to the production of reports and feedback coaching. This keep energy and momentum moving.

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