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360 Feedback Coaching – Delivering energy for change

360 feedback coaching is the part of the process that can result in transformational shifts and sustained change.

It’s where you get your return on investment too, if it’s done well. Using a skilled, experienced coach to facilitate a 360 feedback coaching session pays huge dividends.

Our team are experienced and skilled 360 feedback coaches who enable clients to make links and see themes from feedback, this ensures that strengths are recognised and built upon.

We balance support with challenge to help clients get the most from the feedback, to focus on the feedback priorities and to build a plan of action.

360 feedback coaching

360 Feedback Coaching Testimonial

Thank you for your help in reflecting on and interpreting the report and drawing conclusions from the 360 feedback answers. The extra time you spent was much appreciated.

Peter - 360 feedback coaching participant

Details withheld for confidentiality

360 Feedback Coaching Case Study

Bucks New University

The most effective 360 feedback coaching 

Our years of experience have shown us the approach to 360 feedback coaching that delivers the best results for our clients. We recommend that just two 360 feedback coaching sessions are needed to support 360 feedback participants to get the most from the process.

360 feedback coaching – Session 1

This session introduces the 360 feedback report and sets the context for the discussion. Helping the participant to clarify what they want to achieve creates motivation and shapes the meeting. We help the client to explore the report, make sense of the data and start to find patterns. Throughout the meeting, we’re there to support, make links and facilitate thinking and reflection.

Participants report that this meeting to be powerful, thought-provoking and engaging.

360 feedback coaching – Session 2

The danger of having just one session is that the participant can be overwhelmed by the volume of feedback and in need of time to process it. Of course, back in the frenetic day to day activities, even with the best of intentions, the move to action never quite makes it to the top of the To Do list.

Session 2 deals with this. It requires less time that the first coaching session and can often be done via telephone. The purpose is to enable the participant to reflect on their insights and learning from the 360 feedback report. Then, crucially, it’s about building a plan of action, what support is needed and what the priorities are. Finally, next steps are agreed.

This second session, so often overlooked in organisations in the interests of time, can make all the difference to embedding real change as a result of the 360 feedback process.


Building internal 360 feedback skills 

We want to leave clients with tools and skills to continue the work we’ve done together. We also recognise that clients don’t always have the budget to use external 360 feedback coaches for all their needs.

We provide 360 feedback training, coaching and support to HR teams and other internal leaders and managers. This enables them to facilitate powerful and transformational 360 feedback conversations.

There are a number of benefits to this approach. Firstly, costs are reduced, enabling a wider application of 360 feedback in your organisation. Our training builds capability and confidence in skills that can be used more broadly than just 360 feedback.

Finally, clients report that relationships are strengthened across the organisation and visibility of talent is enhanced.

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