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360 Feedback Questions

360 Feedback Questions

360 feedback questions are a crucial element of effective 360 degree feedback. They should measure what’s important for the success of the individual participant and the organisation. They should also be good questions. Writing good 360 feedback questions is a skill and it’s one of our areas of expertise.

We’ve developed, tested and refined our questionnaires over the years to bring you one’s that work. They measure the right things, are unambiguous and are easy for respondents to understand. They focus on observable behaviours.

That’s why almost all our clients ask us to write bespoke 360 feedback questions for them. They want the confidence to know that their 360 feedback questionnaire meets their needs both now and in the future.

We offer Ready to Go questionnaires which are aimed at different levels and roles within an organisation. We also offer questionnaires that target specific topics and we offer 360 questionnaires that focus on Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, and Collaboration. These are increasingly important capabilities for our clients.

We also offer a full range of tailoring options. From tweaking a few 360 feedback questions, adding or removing one or two competencies through to writing a fully bespoke questionnaire, we provide a flexible, low cost range of options. We’ll also adapt and amend your 360 feedback questions as competencies need to be added or changed and we don’t charge existing clients for these refreshers.

Whatever your needs, when we provide our full 360 degree feedback package.

Questionnaire design is free of charge.

With some clients we have used a generic set of competencies, with others Talent for Growth worked with us to customise the 360 feedback questions to their own competencies. I would thoroughly recommend the tool as well as the excellent service provided by TFG.

Roger Minton

Interim Head of Leaning & Development, Petrofac

Ready to Go 360 Feedback Questionnaires

All of our ready to go, generic, 360 feedback questionnaires are available to use immediately. They either reflect positions or levels within organisations. We have 360 feedback questionnaires for Directors, Senior Specialists, Middle Managers and Team Leaders. Others target capabilities that are critical to success for organisations. Click on our link below to see how the questionnaire looks. Get in touch for more information about any of these. Or ask us about how we can design a questionnaire with bespoke 360 feedback questions that meet your exact needs.

Download a sample 360 feedback questionnaire to see examples of 360 feedback questions.

Bespoke 360 feedback Questionnaires

We design and build bespoke questionnaires that enable you to measure the behaviours that are most important to your organisation. Quite often, we’ll build one for someone where specific aspects of behaviour need to be measured. This is a common part of an executive 360 feedback coaching programme.

Starting from scratch?

We co-create wherever possible, partnering with you to jointly build the 360 feedback questions. Our clients involve us in a variety of ways. We will help you to agree the desired behaviours for your questionnaire.  We’ll facilitate a workshop with senior leaders to agree the behaviours that are most important for the organisation.

Already got a competency framework?

We take your existing framework and use it to design powerful 360 feedback questions, or we can adapt our ready to go questionnaires to suit your requirements, adding 360 feedback questions either from ourselves or your own.

We also evaluate responses and adapt any 360 feedback questions as a result of this evaluation.

360 Feedback Data Analysis

360 degree feedback becomes even more powerful when you use our reports to understand trends and themes.

We provide a Management report that looks at patterns in the  aggregate data. When we provide 360 feedback debriefs, we also share themes emerging from our discussions whilst rigourously protecting anonymity and confidentiality.

Our Management Report provides an exceptionally valuable look at the strengths and weaknesses of groups of participants. It enables clarity about where to invest budget for development and an opportunity to recognise and build on organisational strengths.

Download a 360 feedback management sample report.

Our 720 Comparator Report measures improvements made over a period of time. A second feedback is undertaken and our report gives hard data and detailed analysis of changes made through the 360 feedback process.

Download a 720 Comparator sample report.

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