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Line Managers role in 360 Feedback

360 feedback questions“So, tell me why you signed up for 360 feedback” I ask at the beginning of a 360 feedback coaching meeting.

“My Manager told me to do it” is the depressingly frequent reply.

Sometimes, it gets worse! Further discussion reveals that there is very little understanding of the 360 feedback process, no briefing from anyone and no recognition of how it can add value to their role and their development.

Having facilitated over a thousand of 360 feedback coaching sessions, I’m able to work with this. Despite the challenging start, participants leave our meetings with heightened self-awareness, a plan of action and energy for change.

Contrast this with the enthusiastic, engaged participant who articulates, at the beginning of our meeting, their reasons for participating in 360 feedback and what they hope to get from the process.

The difference, always, is that they had a thorough briefing from HR and have discussed with their line manager why they’re doing it and what the desired outcomes are. They are clear about their managers expectations and their support.

360 degree feedback is one of the most powerful development tools when it’s implemented well. Line manager engagement makes so much difference and it’s needed at the beginning as well as after the debrief to support action and maintain momentum.

We believe so strongly in this preparation phase that we offer teleconference briefings for participants free of charge. Perhaps we should extend this briefing to include line managers.

Without this support, there is a greater chance that the report will be consigned to a drawer and never quite make it to the top of the busy agenda. This is such a shame and a waste of the organisations investment in development.

How to you ensure that line managers engage with 360 feedback?

We have a huge amount of experience and best practice to share.

Get in touch to see how we can support your 360 feedback projects.

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