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Preparing for 360 Feedback

Preparing for 360 FeedbackPreparing for 360 Feedback is a wise investment of time.

“So, why are you participating in 360 degree feedback?” I asked a new participant with whom I’d scheduled an initial briefing.
“Because my manager told me to do it” came back the reply. Unfortunately, this reply is alarmingly familiar.

360 degree feedback is a fantastic development tool, but only if implemented correctly. In a past article we discussed the 6 reasons 360 feedback fails in broad terms.

Here, we’re focusing just on preparing those taking part. That is the participant and respondents. We’re so convinced of its importance that we now offer telephone briefings as part of our package.

Let’s face it, 360 feedback takes time and energy and it can cause anxiety for those taking part. Participants are anxious about what’s done with it, what others will say about them and how they will be able to deal with feedback. Respondents are concerned with confidentiality, the time it takes and how honest they should be.

So, investing some time to brief and prepare those taking part is a wise investment. It doesn’t have to be onerous or expensive either.

Whether you give everyone a one page briefing document (assuming they read it of course) or arrange for a face to face briefing with a question and answer session, any activity that informs and reassures will add value to the process.

We offer face to face briefings (the best option when all or at least most participants are in the same office or telephone briefings for both participants and respondents (as many as possible). This is a great way to increase the quality of feedback and reassure about confidentiality.

So, don’t forget this important, simple step in getting the most from 360 feedback.

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