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Leadership Development Blog

Our Leadership Development blog offers you useful articles about 360 degree feedback, mentoring, coaching and team development.

Leader as Coach

There are many reasons to embrace internal coaching. The strongest is that it develops the leadership skills of the coach. Okay, you say, nice idea in principle, but it won’t work because:

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Women Leaders as Storytellers

We’re looking at the storytelling skills of women leaders. We suggest that in some areas, women have superior ability to tell stories and engage their listeners. Except, it seems…

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News from the HRD Summit

We attended the HRD Summit in Birmingham last week. So, we thought it would be useful to share some of the themes both from seminars and as a result of our conversations with HR Directors & others

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Mentoring Conversations

Mentoring conversations should be rich, challenging and rewarding for both parties. They result in new insights, broader perspectives and food…

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Workforce Prediction

Workforce Prediction is difficult, given our uncertain world. So said Niels Bohr, Nobel Prize winner. It isn’t an exact science…..

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