Coaching & Mentoring Books and Cards

Coaching and Mentoring Books

Get Ready to Mentor

Is a comprehensive workbook that encourages reflection and enables insights. It supports preparation and builds skills.

Coaching and Mentoring Books

Get ready for Mentoring

is packed with short exercises to facilitate mentees reflection and preparation for mentoring, guidance

Coaching and Mentoring Books

Mentoring Training Resources

Our Mentoring Toolkit includes a copy of both workbooks, a pack of mentoring cards and our mentoring training facilitator guide

Coaching and Mentoring Books

Mentoring Conversation Cards

Our Mentoring Conversation Cards are so popular. They act as energisers, prompts, food for thought, and inspiration.

Coaching and Mentoring Books

Get ready for Coaching

is a quick, easy read that gets to the heart of preparing for coaching.

Coaching and Mentoring Books

Finding the Right Coach

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Get Ready for Mentoring is insightful, pragmatic, accessible and deals very effectively with the emotional and the practical aspects of mentoring

Steve Foster

Director of People and Organisation, St John Ambulance

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Mentoring conversations should be rich, challenging and rewarding for both parties. They result in new insights, broader perspectives and food for thought. Yet that’s not always the case. Sometimes they can be mediocre and lack impact. As a result, the mentoring relationship loses momentum...

Training mentees makes the difference

Training mentees makes the difference Research from Henley School of Management found that, where organisations invest in both mentor and mentee training, there was a 30% increase in effectiveness.

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360 degree feedback programmes that are implemented by HR without much attention from the business leaders are less effective. Getting visible engagement and support from the leadership team will...

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