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Coaching skills for Line Managers

Coaching skills for line managers

Developing coaching skills for Line managers is a critical element of building leadership capability. It also supports moving organisations towards a coaching culture. Lots of evidence suggests that coaching cultures create engagement, increase retention, develop talent and, as a result, optimise performance. Some managers are natural coaches, most are not! So, enabling them to broaden their range of styles and to incorporate coaching, when appropriate, pays big dividends.

My head is full of great ideas which I began to put into practice today. 3 focused meetings, good goals set in timeframes and I hope a happier team.

Revved up and raring to make it all happen, thank you both.

Irene McAughey

Customer Service Manager, World Fuel Services

  • How do you identify and develop talent more effectively?
  • How can managers easily lift performance levels?
  • How can leaders get more done with fewer people?
  • What helps engagement during challenging times?
  • How do you develop the skills of your leaders?
  • How can you build a sustainable coaching culture?

We facilitate participative, engaging workshops to build coaching skills for managers. Workshops are tailored to each client and are packed with:

  • Opportunities to practice – on real work issues
  • Guided reflection to build self-awareness
  • Tools and practical resources to use back at work
  • A follow up review and sharing of learning

The feedback from the group has been exceptional with visible improvements at all levels of management

Laura Walt

HR Director, WTG Events

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