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Free 360 Feedback Questionnaire Design

free 360 feedback questionnaire design

Talent for Growth now offers free 360 feedback questionnaire design when you buy our 360 feedback package. A good 360 degree feedback questionnaire must ensure that 360 questions are unambiguous, clear and measure what’s important to your organisation. In addition, 360 questions need to be relevant for each level of leader or type of role and we often design more than one questionnaire for clients to ensure relevance. As part of our full 360 feedback package, we offer to design up to 2 free questionnaires.

The content of our 360 degree feedback package is detailed below. However, every project is different and we take time, during our initial meeting to define what you require and agree, with you, how you want to manage the project.

Complete 360 Feedback Package

We offer a complete 360 feedback package enabling you to maximise the value of this powerful development tool without hassle, a big investment of your time and onerous administration.

We know, from our experience, that it’s the work done in advance and after the actual 360 feedback process that optimises the value. That’s why we build it into our 360 feedback package.

So, what’s included?

Free design of your 360 feedback questionnaire. Here are more details of our design service.

A teleconference 360 feedback briefing for participants. This ensures that the positioning of 360 is consistent, participants are engaged at an early stage and the process is clear to everyone.

Materials for your internal communication. We offer a variety of presentation slides and guides for all those involved – participants and their respondents. These include guides about how to select the right respondents and how to give valuable feedback to colleagues.

Full administration and project management. From the moment you give us the details of your participants, we’ll take care of all administration. Our system enables participants to get involved at an early stage and to track their progress. This encourages ownership for the process and everything goes faster.

360 reports. We offer a choice of 2 styles of reports and both can be branded for your organisation at no additional cost. Samples are available on request.

360 feedback coaching. Our experienced coaches will support participants in understanding their report and working with the feedback. All participants are encouraged to create a development plan to further build on strengths and focus on development areas. We offer a follow up call as part of the process to encourage momentum.

Organisation overview report. We take the aggregate data and produce a high impact, traffic light report of themes across the participant group. This data can be segmented further by function or team if required.

We also produce a presentation of emerging themes arising from the feedback discussions. This can be invaluable in flagging potential problems and providing broader feedback to the organisation.

Please note that participant confidentiality is maintained throughout these processes.

Facilitated 360 Debriefs for Leaders and Teams

This is where the power of 360 feedback is truly maximised. We facilitate half day workshops to enable leaders, who have had a 360 feedback report, to share this with their direct reports. They then work collaboratively to turn the outputs from the feedback into tangible actions that will give the team the maximum benefit. This process also cements the relationships between the team.

360 degree feedback

“I was pleased to receive such a thorough report and excellent feedback session. This has given me a greater insight into my team and how I can meet their needs. I know have some clear areas to focus my development on. The 360 degree feedback tool that Talent for Growth offer is a fantastic resource and I would recommend all managers to complete one and drive their own personal development.”

Lauren Kemp

Community & Events Fundraising Manager , Helen & Douglas House Children’s Hospice

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