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HR Team Development

HR Team Development has never been more important. Why?

According to Deloitte, less than 8 percent of HR leaders have confidence that their teams have the skills they need. Meeting today’s business challenges has radically altered the requirements of the function responsible for people.

HR Business Partners must consistently deliver innovative programs that have a positive business impact. They need to understand the business, balance strategic vision with pragmatic support and remain custodians of good people practice whilst partnering in an agile and creative way.

Furthermore, many HR Leaders also admit that the HR team development doesn’t always get to the top of the priority list as quickly as it should.

HR Team Development

How we help with HR Team Development

Many HR functions have moved, or are moving, to the Ulrich HR model. It’s a huge transition for most HR teams. Therefore, it needs careful planning and support in order to achieve success. Most of the Talent for Growth team have an HR / OD background. Each of us has led or been a key contributor to at least 1 HR transformation that has aligned to Ulrich’s model. So, we know what it’s like and we know the critical success criteria. We believe that this makes us uniquely placed to partner with our clients to deliver effective and sustainable HR team effectiveness. Our HR team development workshops cover 3 main areas:

Supporting HR Change and transformation

Firstly, we help, through facilitation, to set the team up for success. We share our experience, both as former HR professionals and as developments specialists. We also know that the HR model will look different across organisations. It must be designed around the business expectations of HR and be fit for purpose. Typical workshops that we run in this phase include:

  • Engaging with the business and finding out what their expectations and needs are
  • Clarifying job roles – what exactly will an HR Business Partner be responsible for? What sits in Shared Services?
  • Agreeing inter-dependencies and communication processes – a vital and often overlooked aspect of change

We have process experts within our team who can provide tools, thought leadership and guidance. As a result, your change is implemented thoughtfully and efficiently resulting in minimal disruption or pain.

Building skills, capability & confidence

We work with Shared Services, HR Business Partners and Centre of Excellence team members to build the required skills and capability. Our preference is to use a strength based approach which creates positive energy and builds confidence. Untapped strengths are surfaced and, as a result, are utilised. This is the fastest way to drive a high performing team. Much of our HR team development work is focused on building business partner skills.

Skills development

We facilitate practical, memorable and fun workshops to develop capability in this crucial area. Workshops that we run include:

  • Internal consulting skills
  • Influencing skills
  • Strategic thinking
  • Coaching skills

Building Confidence

In addition to using Strengths to build confidence we provide pragmatic and appropriate support beyond workshops. We coach individuals and HR teams to embed learning and enable it’s application. Examples include:

  • Surgeries to discuss real issues and encourage peer coaching
  • Telephone support for an agreed period
  • Group coaching
  • Review workshops – usually after about 6 months

Relationship behaviours

We also support individuals moving into Centres of Excellence. This may be to build technical competence, but usually we focus on topics such as:

  • Collaboration skills
  • Role clarity and interdependencies
  • Engaging with the business or the business partners
  • Stakeholder management

Train the Trainer

We also run Train the Trainer workshops so that your HR team and, perhaps, some business leaders can also deliver workshops. Examples include:

Mentor Development
Mentee Training
Delivering 360 Feedback Coaching
Facilitating Bespoke Workshops

Caroline and the team at Talent for Growth, through excellent facilitation, unlocked huge potential within the HR Teams at Babcock moving them into true HR Partners.


Working with TFG through the planning, data collection, delivery and evaluation phases enabled us to ensure we had the right solutions in place and established one cohesive HR team.


Kevin Dwyer

HR Director, Babcock International, Devonport

Talent for growth designed and delivered an assessment process to support the restructure of my HR department. They worked closely in partnership with us to make sure that the assessment techniques were bespoke and fit for purpose. They managed the assessment event for candidates and facilitated the decision-making session.

Finally, they gave feedback to individuals on their performance so that, regardless of the outcome, the team felt that they had gained insight through their participation.

I would recommend them.

Sally Webster

HR & OD Director, Financial Ombudsman Service

HR Capability Assessment

Some HR functions need to benchmark and assess capability in order to ensure the right people are in the right jobs. This is particularly important when moving to an Ulrich style HR operating model.

We design and facilitate assessment or development centres for HR team members to ensure that the new structure gets off to the best possible start. We believe that there are several critical success criteria for effective HR Capability assessments. These include:

  • Clarity about roles, required capabilities and behaviours
  • Assessment activities that measure the right elements in a robust way
  • A pragmatic, fit for purpose assessment that leaves people feeling valued, respected and treated fairly
  • Evidence gathered from multiple sources and rigorous scoring and analysis
  • Development feedback, irrespective of outcomes and personal development plans
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