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Developing Leaders and Teams

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Kathryn Libioulle-ClutzKathryn Libioulle-Clutz

Executive coach and leadership development consultant

Kathryn Libioulle-Clutz has over 20 years’ experience consulting with international organisations on leadership development. She has worked with managers and executives in a rage of industries in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. A U.S. citizen, she has been living in Europe since 1998.

Kathryn works with high potentials and executives individually, in groups and in teams to help them fulfill their leadership potential and boost their performance. She has extensive experience in executive coaching, change leadership, team development, leadership development programs, change management and organization development.

As a coach, she is committed to helping people leverage their strengths and accomplish meaningful objectives in work and in life. Her clients are senior-level professionals, teams, and executives. Their challenges include effective teamwork, executive presence, emotional intelligence, stress management, working across European and American cultures, addressing conflict, and influencing.
Kathryn’s goal for her coaching clients is that they benefit from clear feedback and self-insight, and view development as a motivating and rewarding challenge.


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