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Developing Leaders and Teams

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Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

The development of leadership coaching continues to evolve and mature. We’re partnering with clients in a variety of activities to support their strategies.

Some examples of recent work include:

  • Providing coaching skills training to World Fuel Services line managers.
  • Enabling St John Ambulance to select and train internal coaches.
  • Supporting the continuous development of an international airline’s internal coaches.
  • Providing one to one executive coaching for DiverseyAllied Healthcare and Schindler.

During a period in which I had reached a particularly challenging point in my career I had six months of coaching with Caroline to help me work out the best way forwards. I’m happy to say that I came out the other side stronger and better than ever. Coaching is so powerful and Caroline is so good at it, I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Caroline.

Karl Heydenrych

Former Director of IT, St John Ambulance

Individual Coaching

All our coaches are qualified and committed to their development. We offer leadership coaching at all levels to:

  • Accelerate talent development
  • Support newly appointed leaders
  • Support the transfer of learning after a programme
  • Make good leaders even better

Whilst we do a lot of face to face leadership coaching, we find that Telephone coaching or Skype coaching is growing in popularity. It is saves organisations time and money.

Internal Coaching

The creation of internal coaches is an exciting and quite recent development which we love and which delivers value across the organisation. We’ve help clients by delivering:

  • Internal coach training
  • Process and coach selection design
  • Group supervision for internal coaches
  • Ongoing development of skills and confidence

Take a look at details of our work and what our clients say

Manager as Coach

Developing leadership coaching skills for managers delivers great results.

We deliver tailored manager as coach workshops to support engagement, performance management and talent development. Take a look at how this transforms the performance of individuals and teams.

It’s like getting two for the price of one. The manager, when being a coach, is getting rich learning. The team members are also developing faster and more effectively.

Every leadership coaching assignment is unique and we tailor our approach according to each client. However, we may agree with our client, that a psychometric tool would be valuable.


We are accredited to use a number of excellent development tools when offering leadership coaching:
Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching
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