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Mentee Training


Mentee training
  • How do you get your mentoring programme off to the best possible start?
  • What will help your mentees to take ownership for their mentoring relationship?
  • How can you enable mentees to maximise their learning from this experience?

Mentees often have preconceptions about mentoring that prevents them getting the most from the experience. Preparing them for mentoring will pay huge dividends and make mentoring more enjoyable for both mentee and mentor.

Mentee Training Workshop

Here’s what your mentees will get from our half day workshop:

  • Clarity about what mentoring is and the value they can gain from it
  • Time and support to set good mentoring goals
  • Greater understanding of their learning style 
  • The opportunity to reflect on their readiness and what they want from their mentor
  • Knowledge and confidence to take responsibility for their mentoring experience
  • An invaluable workbook, Get Ready for Mentoring. which is full of learning resources

We equip mentees with the tools and confidence to drive value from their mentoring partnership.

Get Ready for Mentoring – a resource for ongoing learning

  • A comprehensive workbook
  • Encouraging ownership
  • Enabling learning 
  • Packed with tools
  • Supporting preparation
  • Building confidence
  • Creating engagement
Mentor Development

and the perfect companion….

Mentoring conversation cards:

  • Are used by mentors and mentees
  • Keep conversations rich and powerful
  • Build skills outside of mentoring
  • Support learning in workshops
  • Enable ongoing mentor development
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