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Mentee Training


How do you get your mentoring programme off to the best possible start?
What will help your mentees to take ownership for the success of their mentoring relationship?

For successful mentoring to take place, mentees need to come to the relationship with:

  • High levels of motivation and enthusiasm
  • Clear purpose and goals for their mentoring
  • Commitment and readiness
  • Self awareness, including their preferred learning style
  • Openness to feedback and to different perspectives
  • Clarity about the process and framework

Our half day, Mentee training workshops will provide your mentees with clarity, insights, confidence and enthusiasm as they embark on their mentoring programme. Workshops are tailored for your programme and based on our unique toolkit and learning resource Get Ready for Mentoring. We enable mentees to deepen their understanding of mentoring and the potential benefit it brings them. We equip them with the tools and confidence to drive value from their mentoring partnership.

Mentee training
Mentee training

Get Ready for Mentoring –

a resource for ongoing learning


  • A comprehensive workbook
  • Encouraging ownership
  • Enabling learning 
  • Packed with tools
  • Supporting preparation
  • Building confidence
  • Creating engagement

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and the perfect companion….
Mentor Development

Mentoring conversation cards:

  • Are used by mentors and mentees
  • Keep conversations rich and powerful
  • Build skills outside of mentoring
  • Support learning in workshops
  • Enable ongoing mentor development

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Mentee Training

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