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Mentor Development

Mentor Development

Mentor development is a critical element to successful mentoring within organisations. It should be an on-going process to ensure mentors stay engaged and continue to inspire their mentees. Mentor training does not need to be a time consuming or expensive process either.

  • Do you need to develop mentoring skills and confidence for your new mentors?
  • Do you want to take your existing mentors skills to the next level?
  • Do you need to refresh and re-energise your mentors?


Why Mentor training is important

Mentor development and training enables Mentors to continue to develop their leadership skills and ensures that they learn and grow from the very process of being a mentor. That’s why mentoring is such a powerful development tool, both mentor and mentee should benefit and develop through a mentoring relationship.

There is a danger that people assume mentors, often senior leaders, will need little or no structured training before they start to work with their mentees. This is invariably a mistake.

It’s very important to spend time with mentors to help them understand their role as mentors, their natural mentoring style and the skills that will be of greatest value to them.

Furthermore, they need to understand the practicalities such as how the process works, how they are matched with mentees, review points and what to do if things don’t go well.

Finally, there is a huge benefit in  bringing your mentors together on a workshop. They share good practice and experiences, start to build a network and give each other support and confidence.

Developing Mentors Workshop

Our Developing Mentors workshop will provide your mentors with intense and engaging learning. The workshops are based on our resource-rich workbooks but tailored to your organisations needs and priorities. They are normally half a day in length so time efficient, whilst providing rich, memorable and practical development. We do recommend a slightly longer day for those who are new to mentoring or where mentoring is being introduced for the first time.

When we get groups of these leaders together on a developing mentors workshop, we’re always impressed by the way that they share their mentoring experiences with their colleagues.

We also encourage the mentoring programme manager/owner to participate because this keeps the mentoring connected with the organisation. It ensures that mentors understand the strategic aims of mentoring as well as clarifying practicalities such as logistics, matching processes and other elements.

Our workshops provide mentors with a range of tools and materials that they can use throughout their mentoring relationships, and we leave them energised, enthusiastic and confident mentors.

Mentor Development

Get Ready to Mentor is a unique resource 

It’s a comprehensive workbook that encourages reflection and enables insights. It supports preparation and builds skills. It’s also packed with tools and templates which are invaluable for mentor development.

Take a look inside…


Below you will find the perfect companion for your mentor development project, mentoring conversation cards.

“It is insightful, pragmatic, accessible and deals very effectively with the emotional and the practical aspects of mentoring”

Steve Foster

Director of People and Organisation, St John Ambulance

Mentor Development

Mentoring conversation cards

These cards can be used by mentors and mentees to keep conversations rich and powerful. They support learning in workshops and enable ongoing mentor development.  Good question prompts also build skills outside of mentoring.


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Mentor Development

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