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Mentoring Conversation Cards

A good mentoring conversation can be stimulating and provide learning for both mentors and mentees. Great mentoring conversations can shift thinking. They provide powerful insights and are a catalyst for change and development.

However, with a full workload and limited time, those rich, thought-provoking questions can be elusive.

That’s why our Mentoring Conversation Cards are so popular. They act as energisers, prompts, food for thought, and inspiration. They’re equally valuable for mentors and mentees. They enable engaging and constructive discussions.

Mentoring Conversation Cards

Mentoring conversations, historically, tended to focus on career opportunities and opening doors. Whilst this is still a feature of many conversations, the range of mentoring conversations has broadened considerably. The Mentoring Conversation cards are divided into 4 sections which represent the flow of mentoring conversations. These are: Preparing yourself, Getting started, Making progress and Maintaining Momentum.

Mentors find this mentoring tool invaluable for stimulating ideas and deepening conversations. Our cards also enable and encourage mentees to initiate conversations too. This helps remove the limitations sometimes felt by the Awe Factor and results in balanced and mutually rewarding mentoring discussions.

Unleash the power of Mentoring

  • Mentoring is a great way to develop talent because both mentee and mentors benefit
  • It’s a low cost investment that delivers sustainable results quickly
  • Valuable knowledge is shared across the organisation and it keep senior leaders in touch
  • Learning is long term as relationships often continue after the formal programme ends

We help our clients to create great mentoring in several ways:

Building skills and confidence with our Developing Mentors workshops, inspiring and engaging mentees with our Mentee Training workshops and by building internal capability with our Train the Trainer workshops

Our cards can be used in a variety of ways:

As a part of our mentor training and mentee training workshops
As a refresher to support existing mentoring programmes
By both mentees and mentors – the questions are designed for dual use

Using our Mentoring Conversation Cards

From our Trilogy of Mentoring Resources

Mentoring Conversation Cards

Preparing for Mentoring is supported by our unique workbook “Get Ready for Mentoring” It is packed with short exercises to facilitate mentees reflection and preparation for mentoring, guidance and questions to help mentees clarify and articulate their mentoring goals.

“Get Ready to Mentor” is a unique mentor training resource book, this workbook is packed with mentoring tools, tips, techniques and activities including, short exercises to encourage reflection and develop self-awareness about mentors natural mentoring style, suggestions and agenda ideas to get the first mentoring meeting off to the best possible start

Mentoring Conversation Cards
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