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Mentoring Training

Mentoring Training

Mentoring training is a critical part of a successful mentoring programme. It needs to be a key element of the planning for a mentoring programme and it should include both mentors and mentees. We recognise that organisations have many and differing needs in delivering mentoring training. So we have solutions for a variety of circumstances and requirements. These include:

We deliver tailored workshops based on our excellent resources which are detailed on our website. We run short, high impact workshops for mentors and mentees

We train internal team members to deliver workshops and leave them with a set of Mentoring Training Resources. This includes a copy of all our materials, an excellent Facilitator Guide and generous discounts for ongoing orders of workbooks and cards.

Prefer to run Mentoring training in-house?

Mentoring training can be challenging for organisations. Mentors and mentees can be spread across the country, continent or the globe. Many companies find, as a result, that mentoring training is inconsistent, variable in quality or reliant on a set of PowerPoint slides. Internal trainers may not be experienced in mentoring and, whilst they may be good facilitators or trainers, they lack high quality materials.

We have developed the solution. Our Mentoring Training Resources – a complete toolkit for training mentors and mentees.

We run a short (3 hour) workshop for your internal facilitators to bring the materials to life and enable them to deliver highly effective workshops with confidence. This workshop can be virtual – giving  you the confidence of consistent training wherever your teams are based.

We pride ourselves on being flexible, please contact us to arrange a chat about your requirements.

The Mentoring Training Toolkit gives you:

  • A variety of workshop outlines and session plans
  • Pre-work and workbook activity sheets
  • Additional activities to increase learning and participation
  • Templates for inspiring posters to engage and inspire participants
  • Facilitation tips and suggested set up and room layout
  • A copy of Get Ready to Mentor and Get Ready for Mentoring
  • A set of Mentoring Conversation Cards
  • 20% reduction on all of your future books and cards purchases

    All this for just £395.00

We accept card payments from

Are you a larger organisation with lots of potential mentors and mentees?


Are your teams located in different countries?


Then you will want to have own branded, electronic copies of all books with unlimited usage that you can print and distribute as needed.


Contact us to find out how we can implement mentoring into your organisation!

Our Mentor Training Workshops

Training mentors is an essential step in any mentoring programme. Many senior leaders believe that they mentor naturally as part of their role. Perhaps they do. However, the type of mentoring required, the objectives of the mentoring initiative and the learning style of mentees will impact what style of mentoring is most valuable. That, in turn, effects the skills that need to be developed for mentors.

Our workshops develop skills for new mentors, refresh and re-energise experienced mentors and provide tools, techniques and ongoing resources.

Our training resources enable a consistency of approach whilst developing each participants individual mentoring skills and style. For more information about training mentors and what we offer, please click here.

Our Mentee Training Workshops

Too often, mentees are overlooked or given just a short briefing. The consequences limit the effectiveness of the mentoring. Lack of ownership and responsibility on the part of the mentee is a frequent concern in mentoring programes. Mentee training is likely to increase the effectiveness of a mentoring programme by 30% according to research conducted by Henley Business School.

Why is it so important to make time for mentee training?

It’s because the success of mentoring depends as much on the attitude and readiness of the mentee as it does on the skills of the mentor. In fact, we think it’s the most important success criteria. Training also helps to remove potential barriers for mentees such as The Awe Factor.

There are lots of reasons why training mentees is clearly an essential investment of time. However, our workshops last for just half a day and make a huge difference to the readiness and engagement of mentees.

For more information about how we train mentees please click here

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