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preparing for coaching ebook

Preparing for Coaching eBook

Our preparing for coaching eBook helps with coaching preparation which makes a significant impact to the end results. The chance to work with a coach is a wonderful development opportunity. However, many people are unprepared and so do not get the most from coaching. Preparing for your first coaching session gets you off to the best possible start.

Get Ready for Coaching is a quick, easy read that gets to the heart of preparing for coaching. It encourages reflection and thought about coaching objectives and the sort of coach that’s needed to achieve them.

It helps coachees understand what to expect from a good coaching relationship – even those aspects that might be uncomfortable.

You can purchase this Coaching eBook thorough our secure link below or the hard copy here.

“This is the first book to offer much needed guidance to the is easy to follow, guides them through the process and should be very helpful”

Sir John Whitmore

Performance Coaching

Inside Get Ready for Coaching you will find useful coaching definitions and a guided reflection about readiness for coaching.

Prompts to clarify coaching objectives and helpful insights about what to expect from coaching.

Information about learning styles

Take a look at “Get ready for Coaching” sample pages.

If you would prefer do buy the hard copy please go here.

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