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News from the HRD Summit 2018

HRD Summit 2018

We attended the HRD Summit in Birmingham last week. So, we thought it would be useful to share some of the themes, both from seminars and from our conversations with HR Directors and others. Watch out for future blogs!

The HRD Summit was the first of such events that Talent for Growth has attended and the team agreed that it was an excellent experience. There were a broad range of topical subjects covered in the many seminars throughout the 2 days. We were also impressed by the quality of the conversations that we had. Once again, it struck us that so many organisations are wrestling with the same issues.

We had some great discussions about coaching and mentoring and had a lot of interest in our Mentoring Training Resources package. Clearly organisations are seeing the value of developing internal capability to support learning more broadly. With economic challenges still very much with us, internal coaching is clearly a focus for a number of organisations.

However, the big surprise for us was the number of conversations that we had about HR Development. It was probably the strongest theme for us on the stand. For many, the challenge is how to lift the skills of HR Business Partners and enable them to move from transactional “helpers” to strategic influencers. For others, the focus is supporting the transition to a new HR operating model and building confidence as well as capability. It was exciting for us because HR Development is an area where we have energy, expertise and enthusiasm.

Unsurprisingly, technology, data analytics and even AI had a strong presence at the HRD Summit and there were interesting seminars on these topics.

Here’s the thing though….at the end of the summit, there were hosted “round table” meetings where delegates could join discussions on topics that interested them. I walked the length of these tables, interested to see which topics were hosting full tables, and which were less popular. I was comforted to see that, without exception, the full tables were discussing topics like inclusiveness, leadership challenges, talent development, global working etc. and those tables that were technology focused seemed to be slightly less well attended.

Perhaps it was because it was the end of an intense 2 days or perhaps it’s because, no matter how clever technology is, the human element of work continues to engage, challenge and energise us all.


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