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Developing Leaders and Teams

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Team Development

Team development

Team development is a very efficient and powerful way to harness diversity and collective strengths. The benefits of investing in team development are often far reaching and long lasting. In today’s business world, there are a number of compelling reasons to consider investing in developing leadership teams.

Teams are facing more challenges than ever before. Typical issues that undermine team effectiveness include:

  • Problematic matrix structures
  • Collaboration failures – internally and with external partners
  • Working in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world
  • Rapidly changing team members and goals
  • Virtual teams – and often multi-cultural
  • Poor team processes
  • Insufficient attention given to team development


It can be difficult to get a subjective view when you are living with the day-to-day issues. Talent for Growth facilitated a highly effective team development event for the top team that enabled us to focus our discussions and create a business review tool that we still use today

Paul Chamberlain

Managing Director, Global Lift & Escalator Company

Although we are a team which has strong, complex and diverse personalities Caroline had the ability to coach us as team through this journey. She has established an ongoing relationship of trust with the leadership team which I am sure will continue as we grow

Bennedetta Peto

HR Director, Financial services organisation

Tools that we are accredited to use when delivering team development

Team development
Team development
Team development

Bringing in skilled, external support, to help work on team development issues, brings fresh perspective, energy and focus to teams.

team development

Team Coaching

Our team coaching approach leaves teams engaged and excited about making sustainable changes to the way they work. Normally we see them making significant progress during the workshop.

We find typical issues for teams are:

Differences between individuals are causes of frustration and lack of trust prohibits challenging debate and discussion. This leads to failures in collaboration and missed opportunities for cross team working.

Insufficient clarity about roles and responsibilities causes communication and accountability difficulties.

The collective potential of teams is often untapped due to a limited recognition of the strengths of individuals. The whole fails to be greater than than the sum of the parts.

Team coaching is tailored to the specific needs of each team, and no two sessions are the same. However, all our work includes:

  • Thorough preparation with key stakeholders to ensure maximum participation and engagement.
  • Use of diagnostic or psychometric tools where they can add value to the process.
  • A follow-up meeting to review progress and provide any additional support that may be helpful.

Team Facilitation

Every team facilitation project is different. The objectives, the culture and the dynamics are essential factors for every team.

However, we always work from the principles that we design and facilitate team meetings that:

Create an environment where day to day issues can be put aside. This encourages and enables creative thinking, fresh perspectives and new approaches.

We ensure that everyone contributes and that opinions and concerns are aired in a safe and collaborative atmosphere.

This ensures that the team achieve their desired outcomes and goals in an efficient, energising and enjoyable way!

Examples of our recent work include:

Board members defining a number of leadership behaviours for the organisation.

Leadership team analysing the business issues and designing a major re-organisation.

Bringing two teams together to agree on new working practices.

Enabling senior teams in the public sector to plan for strategic change including mergers of regions and working in a collaborative partnership.

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