Virtual Coaching

The power of coaching, delivered flexibly

What is Virtual Coaching?

Virtual Coaching is a powerful development tool where the coach and the client are remote from each other. Whether it’s Telephone Coaching, Skype Coaching or Video Conference Coaching, it’s increasingly seen as excellent alternative to face to face coaching.

Virtual coaching requires different skills and it may not be for everyone. Clients often like a blend of face to face and virtual. In today’s frenetic but interconnected world, this type of coaching is growing in popularity.


What’s so good about Virtual Coaching?

In today’s interconnected and frenetic world of work, virtual coaching, when done well, delivers rapid development and high value. Many clients are surprised to find that they prefer it to traditional, face to face coaching.

It’s cost effective


Virtual coaching is a very efficient use of time


Choose the right coach – not the closest geographically

Done well, it’s just as effective as face to face coaching

It enables easy global delivery greater flexibility


“Caroline is an extraordinary coach. We have only met face-to-face on one occasion and yet she has been invaluable in helping me transition to a more senior role, where I needed to adapt and learn new things to focus on what is important. Her ability to listen, understand and with a few key questions trigger thoughts and actions that are needed has been of great help to me.

Her ability to challenge whilst maintaining a constructive relationship is excellent. In particular, her help in reflecting back on other people’s motivation and issues to enable me to get the most out of situations as really helped shape my interactions with people. Caroline’s coaching has also allowed me to develop better techniques for constant “self-coaching” which I truly believe helps gain traction and makes the coaching more valuable.”

Dr Steve Dalton

Vice President Research & Development, Sealed Air

What our clients say about Virtual Coaching


“Telephone coaching is very liberating. It frees me up to be more honest and, to my surprise, it’s extremely intimate”


“I find it easier to be really open without my coach sitting opposite me, in whose face I may interpret judgement”


“In the absence of visual contact, I get more creative in how I communicate which expands my thinking”

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