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Workbook for Mentors

Get Ready to Mentor is a unique workbook for mentors, this workbook is packed with mentoring tools, tips, techniques and activities including, short exercises to encourage reflection and develop self-awareness about mentors natural mentoring style, suggestions and agenda ideas to get the first mentoring meeting off to the best possible start.

This mentor training book also includes practical tools, enabling mentors to facilitate stimulating and impactful mentoring meetings, mentor training resources to develop mentoring skills, such as storytelling and listening and to build confidence and valuable insights about what can go wrong in mentoring relationships and what to do about it.

Get Ready to Mentor is widely used as part of our Developing Mentors workshops. However, it can also be purchased on its own. It’s ideal to refresh and re-energise experienced mentors.

Our workbook for mentors book “Get Ready to Mentor” is available for £22.50

Workbook for Mentors

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“It is insightful, pragmatic, accessible and deals very effectively with the emotional and the practical aspects of mentoring”

Steve Foster

Director of People and Organisation, St John Ambulance

Workbook for Mentors

From our Trilogy of Mentoring Resources

Preparing for Mentoring is supported by our unique workbook “Get Ready for Mentoring” It is packed with short exercises to facilitate mentees reflection and preparation for mentoring, guidance and questions to help mentees clarify and articulate their mentoring goals.

Our Mentoring Conversation Cards are the perfect compliment to Get Ready to Mentor and encourage thought provoking conversations. Follow the link to read about or purchase this useful and unique mentor training resource.

Workbook for Mentors
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